We are now fully working with Debian and Ubuntu platforms

Posted: Sep 29

From now on LinuxAdmin fully supports Debian and Ubuntu platforms. So if you have Debian or Ubuntu based servers we can offer high quality server management as well as custom work on the servers when required.

Recovering from WordPress permalinks hack

Posted: Sep 11

We have seen quite a few blogs hacked because WordPress was NOT updated on a timely manner. If you are seeing strange links in URL with eval… functions your blog was 0000wned…sorry 🙁 Use phpmyadmin or shell mysql command to replace some bad stuff: update wp_options set option_value=” where option_name=’_transient_rewrite_rules’; select * from wp_options where […]

Increase gpg file encryption security using AES256

Posted: Apr 02

In order to increase backup files or sensitive information using gpg you should specify gpg using AES256 cipher algo. AES256 will use 256 bit key, it’s open encryption algorithm and it’s been approved by the NSA for top secret information. Add to the gpg the following switch: –cipher-algo=AES256 The full command line to encrypt file […]

Encrypt your backup files for top security using GPG

Posted: Feb 07

Remember that you should have backups for your servers or web site. If a disaster strikes you can restore the data quickly and easily – you should keep the backup files SAFE, because backup usually includes system configuration, users, passwords and various other very important data. And by safe we mean that none except you […]

WordPress architecture for high load blogs

Posted: Dec 27

At LinuxAdmin we have worked hard to develop and use high-performance open source software for reliable WordPress blog hosting. We have spent years managing Linux boxes and have seen small blogs reach millions of unique monthly visitors that we host. Budget is one of the major factors for every business or even a private person. […]

Remote backup service security

Posted: Nov 30

One of the most important factors choosing a remote backup service is security. Imagine when you are trying to restore a system from a backup, but there is no backup – the backup files were deleted by a hacker. This may happen with anyone and you can never be sure your data is 100% safe. […]

Linux or Windows platform for hosting

Posted: Aug 10

Sorry folks, I had finally some time to edit this original junk article and I have came up with a much better version now. Linux or Windows platform for web hosting? This question is asked many times and let me show you what OS works the best for you. Linux is free and you should […]

The Physical Location Of Your Dedicated Server Does Matter! Don’t Make A Mistake!

Posted: Jun 02

Published by BEN (non-staff member) One of the most ignored factors when picking out a dedicated server is the physical location of the server versus the location of your websites visitors. By not choosing a location near the people you are wishing to target you can hurt your sales and popularity of your website. First […]

SUSE Linux Enterprise and OpenSUSE fully supported

Posted: Apr 13

As of April 2nd, 2008 we are fully supporting SUSE Linux Enterprise and OpenSUSE platforms, including remote server administration, OS tuning, network stack tuning, patching and full maintenance services.

Increasing WP-Cache performance for blogs with heavy commenting

Posted: Dec 29

Caching is the key to success – the more content you cache, the more visitors on the same hardware you can serve. Many WordPress owners run wp-cache plugin to cache blog pages in files, rather than generating content on the fly – querying MySQL database. If you have a low usage that is fine, but […]