High bandwidth FTP hosting daemon

Jul 19

We have been doing FTP hosting for some time now and I would like to share our experience.

At the beginning we started with different FTP servers and quickly we found out that vsftpd is lightning fast and secure. So we chose to run vsftpd on all our FTP server hosting nodes and so far the experience have been really outstanding.

One of our busiest FTP node runs easily at 80-90Mbps and performs well with 500+ users connected. The hardware is kinda low-end, a Pentium 4 with one CPU and 2GB RAM, the hard disks are SATA. Server has full-duplex 100Mbps uplink and we are quite happy with it!

In one month it usually transfers around ~23 Tera bytes (23,000 GB’s) of outgoing data and around 7TB of incoming data for file uploads. We do not run any RAID technology on this low-end and cheap Linux server.

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