Linux or Windows platform for hosting

Aug 10

Sorry folks, I had finally some time to edit this original junk article and I have came up with a much better version now.

Linux or Windows platform for web hosting? This question is asked many times and let me show you what OS works the best for you.

Linux is free and you should not pay yearly renewal or update fees (a good choice is Centos, Debian, Fedora and others). Suse Enterprise (SLES) and Redhat Enterprise does have licensing costs and/or update subscriptions that cost recurring fees. If you go Windows route you will need to pay for OS and the fees are quite high for web servers. While you can download a lot of free software for Linux, Windows applications tend to cost something.

Many folks prefer to use Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP), indeed, you can run Apache MySQL and PHP on Windows OS as well. Developing PHP applications using MySQL as a database is quick and easy and it doesn’t cost a dime. Of course if you need to run ASP or use MS SQL as a database server you will need to go with Windows OS for your server hardware.

My suggestion is to always use Linux for hosting, unless you need to run Windows specific applications – ASP code, MS SQL as a database back end and other Windows specific software.

Don’t forget that you will need to manage the server and keep up with security patches etc – some people prefer Windows as it’s more user-friendly and easier to update, however it comes with a price.

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