Streaming flash using standard hosting: Your ultimate solution flash video casting on the web

Aug 12

Everybody of us who are specially the internet users must have opened web pages where we get to watch many videos and multimedia contents but will someone tell me what format is it or how the websites integrate these multimedia applications so that we are able to see and use it? Yes, it’s mainly a Flash video. It is a standard file format which is used to cast videos and multimedia movie contents in the web. Now this is a streaming video which is done by a particular standard host in the web world. This article takes you to that arena.

What is Streaming media?
A series of moving images that needs to be casted on a web page in the internet which is decompressed (file size is reduced) for accommodating it in the web page. This is known as Streaming media (video). When an internet user opens that particular page he gets to see that streaming video scene after scene.

Streaming flash video
When a streaming video is in form of a flash video it is called Streaming flash. A flash video has always an .flv extension just like the well known .mpeg extension of windows media. These videos are generally entrenched in an SWF file. Naturally to play that video the user needs some compatible players (flash video playing software). These video players are available for free from Adobe Corp. or Macromedia website. A user without having this software’s installed in their PC’s will not be able to view the videos of a webpage.

Standard hosting
When we say the word Hosting we generally mean one which hosts some occasion or event or anything. Just as we need a host to present an event similarly we also require a host to present these streaming flash media on the respective web pages. There are several websites that does this job.

Today every thing has gone digital. Everyone desires to appear at the foremost position. Many people who have opened their personal web pages on the net may need to put on some of his personal videos. Many companies desiring to make the people aware of their promotions, meetings, tie-ups, product launches also opt for this streaming flash hosting. This is because the costs of hosting these videos are very cheap. They ultimately help them to save on their advertising and marketing campaigns.

Today this type of standard hosting is employed by various television, news channel (like BBC) and entertainment websites (like YouTube). Many users log on to the net for watching news, TV serials or programs missed by them or even trailers of forthcoming movies. This means it helps these companies to earn good revenue each and every time the users log on to the web sites.

That is it can be said that streaming Flash contents using a standard host can add to a good amount of publicity for a company in a very cost effective approach.

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