The Physical Location Of Your Dedicated Server Does Matter! Don’t Make A Mistake!

Jun 02

Published by BEN (non-staff member)

One of the most ignored factors when picking out a dedicated server is the physical location of the server versus the location of your websites visitors. By not choosing a location near the people you are wishing to target you can hurt your sales and popularity of your website. First let’s talk about why the physical location is still a factor and especially important for online e-commerce.

The Internet has gotten a lot faster but it is still limited by the data lines running around the world. A person in Texas requesting a site hosted in Japan is being send data from around the world and thus the page will load slower. As you get closer this is not as noticeable but a page hosted in Texas will still load faster for Texas residents as opposed to those in California. So why is this important? You could be loosing sales and prospective customers if your pages are not loading fast enough.

I live in the United Kingdom and I see this situation every day at work. I work for UK2 and we offer dedicated servers in both the USA and United Kingdom. We get calls from customers who are seeing low conversions on ecommerce store landing pages or showing us complaints from their visitors about slow load time. The problem is they are hosting a store for UK residents in the USA, or a site for US visitors in the UK. The time it is taking data to go back and forth is adding to a slightly delay which can have an effect. One of the many ranking factors for PPC at Google Adwords is the speed your landing page is served. This is why it is key to host your site near the geographic region you are targeting.

So what is the fix? Just keep in mind who your perspective customers are when choosing a location for your dedicated server. If you are targeting the entire United States a location in Chicago or Texas should work great. If you are targeting residents in the UK get a server there. The physical location of a server is still important so please keep it in mind!

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