Why choose virtual private server

Jun 04

Many experts have said that the best environment for E-commerce sites are those which used a dedicated server. Dedicated servers have become quite popular because they offer uses a great deal of security and the ability to customize their settings. The whole server if yours, and you can do whatever you want with it. However, the biggest down side to this is the cost involved with purchasing a dedicate server. Unless you have between $250 to $7000 to spend each month for you start up budget, you will need to either lease it, or you will need to co-locate the server on the data center of someone you know. It is also possible for you to pay for a large internet connection to your central location.

One good solution to a dedicated server is a Virtual Private Server. This is a service that essentially offers you shared hosting, and you will be given a single account. When you use a Virtual Private Server, the resources and hardware will be partitioned into a number of environments that are isolated. Each environment will function as its own small dedicated server. Every Virtual Private Server will have its own degree of control over the software, parsers, and resources. Virtual Private Servers are very useful because they reduce many of the problems that commonly occur with shared hosting. The user will have resources that are guaranteed, and the operating environment will have a high level of security.

There are a large number of advantages to a Virtual Private Server, and the first is control. While you may not be given the ability to make calibrations near the central operating system, you can update your PHP, as well as the configuration for MySQL and various other applications. With a dedicated server, you can make some serious errors if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, but you don’t have to worry about this with a VPS. The reason for this is because you will not be allowed to access things that can compromise the ability for the VPS to operate. This is a very useful feature for those who are interested in becoming skilled with web server administration.

Another powerful advantage of a VPS is that users are allowed to have multiple websites. You can have a large number of domains, and while there may be restrictions, some services allow you to have as many as 100 domains. One issue that should always be taken into consideration is security. Every Virtual Private Server will operate within an individual environment, and the files that are stored on this server cannot be seen by other Virtual Private Servers, even if they are on the same central server. Virtual Private Servers are known for having a high level of security in comparison to other server options.

The last and perhaps most important advantage of a Virtual Private Server is the cost. While dedicated servers will generally start at about $250 per month, most Virtual Private Servers will start at $30 per month, and will be as much as $100 per month. As you can see, there is a large price difference. This is an excellent option for small to medium sized businesses that can’t afford to use a dedicate server.

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  1. Although I use mainly CMSMS, XOOPS looks to be an interesting option. I love the bigger module repository and specially the umpteen free themes.

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