WordPress architecture for high load blogs

Dec 27

At LinuxAdmin we have worked hard to develop and use high-performance open source software for reliable WordPress blog hosting. We have spent years managing Linux boxes and have seen small blogs reach millions of unique monthly visitors that we host.

Budget is one of the major factors for every business or even a private person. This is why we use low cost servers and set-up in load balancing environment for high-availability and horizontal scalability.

For WordPress blogs we suggest starting with a dedicated server that will host web content and MySQL database as well. When load increases you can start using more advanced techniques and tuning like local caching, using content delivery networks, super fast web servers for serving static content and other methods.

However, the biggest performance gains are to split MySQL server from Web server, thus, you will have a dedicated box for Web server and MySQL database.

Next is to split static content from dynamic content (PHP) – there are many super fast web servers that will serve images, file downloads and other static content at super fast speeds and using low resources. Some examples: Nginx, Cherokee, Lighttpd, Thttpd and many others.

Remember to use local caching plugins like supercache, some sites experience very good performance boosts using eaccelerator and other PHP caches. You should test out what works best for you.

You can also do memory-caching based on memcached. Pretty cool way to use server memory to store code blocks, like front page, feeds etc.

We will go more in depth in our next blog posts, but if you are searching for a good Linux server management company that can handle and tune WordPress blogs you should consider Linux Admin. Remember, we pay attention to every server and do a lot of custom work – customization, tuning, performance benchmarking, peak monitoring and other tasks to make sure you server performs at it’s best!

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  3. That’s great. I’ve been searching for a solution for a long time now. I almost gave up some days ago when I realized that I just can’t do it. And you know, there is a large number of people who are trying to fix it, but don’t know how. Thank you very much for sharing the information with us.

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