Our customer testimonials

I have to tell you how impressed I am with the service from LinuxAdmin.org. Last night I made some changes to the server that caused the proftpd service to go down, as it's a new server with no live sites and I had no idea how to fix the problem I decided to "sleep on it". I awoke the next morning to find that you had not only fixed the problem with proftpd but also a problem with exim that I was not even aware of. What truly amazes me is that I did not notify you of any problems, you're pro-active monitoring of the server picked up the errors and your team went into action. My sincere thanks! --- D.M.


A few months ago I procured the services of Jeff at LinuxAdmin.org to manage my servers. I just wanted to provide feedback to the community regarding LinuxAdmin.org and Jeff.

In short, I couldn't be happier. Jeff is professional, proactive, highly knowledgeable, and quick to deal with any questions, concerns, or issues I might have. The pricing is phenomenal for the level of support I have received.

I have multiple servers managed by Jeff and will be adding many more as our community continues to grow. Whether your site is large or small, Jeff at LinuxAdmin.org is a safe and good bet.