Managed Darwin streaming servers

If you are looking for fully managed Darwin streaming servers for distributing audio and video on-demand, look no further. LinuxAdmin offers completely managed Darwin streaming servers that are powered by Linux Operating System. We can manage Darwin daemon/server on your server box (physical hardware) or our servers located with reputable dedicated server companies in USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Netherlands and other countries, please inquire.

Our pricing for managing Darwin streaming server is $120 per server. The price includes full OS updates, tweaking, Darwin server set-up and pro-active updates as well as monitoring. It's up to the client to upload and manage the content, access users to Darwin server (via web browser), folders and other daily "streaming" tasks.

If you want a fully managed Darwin server, we can offer you full service and hardware management. The example pricing for our low-end Darwin streaming server:

Intel or AMD CPU
2000 GB Traffic (outgoing)
100Mbps uplink
atleast 250GB HDD
UK or USA premium data center
UK or USA premium bandwidth
99.9% uptime


Discounts apply for multiple servers. We also offer 3000GB, 6000GB, 10Mbps unmetered, 20Mbps unmetered, 50Mbps unmetered, 100Mbps unmetered and 1000Mbps unmetered bandwidth options with very competitive pricing for streaming servers.

Custom streaming solutions are available, including global fail-over, global load balancing, local load balancing,on-demand content distribution and streaming clusters for 100% availability - please contact our Sales.