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Netflow log processing

Fully managed solutions for SFLOW LOG PROCESSING including:

  • our own hardware colocation on your site and full log processing software installation and set-up
  • your hardware - our software and full on-going remote management and support

Sflow full support is available with the following hardware:

  • AlaxalA Networks AX7800R AX7800S AX7700R AX5400S series
  • Alcatel OmniSwitch 6850 OmniSwitch 9000 series
  • Allied Telesis SwitchBlade 7800R series, SwitchBlade 7800S series, SwitchBlade 5400S series
  • Comtec Systems !-Rex 16Gi & 24Gi & 24Gi-Combo
  • Extreme Networks Alpine 3800 series, BlackDiamond 6800 series, BlackDiamond 8800 series, BlackDiamond 10808, BlackDiamond 12804C, BlackDiamond 12804R, Summit X450 Series, Summit i series
  • Force10 Networks E series
  • Foundry Networks BigIron series, FastIron series, IronPoint series, NetIron series, SecureIron series, ServerIron series
  • Hewlett-Packard ProCurve 2800 series, ProCurve 3400cl series, ProCurve 3500yl series, ProCurve 4200vl series, ProCurve 5300xl series, ProCurve 5400zl series, ProCurve 6200yl series, ProCurve 6400cl series, ProCurve 9300m series, ProCurve Routing Switch 9408sl
  • Hitachi GR4000 GS4000 GS3000
  • NEC IP8800/R400 series, IP8800/S400 series, IP8800/S300 series

Please contact our Sales, we are very flexible with Netflow processing solutions and services.


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