Server management :: Gold manegement plan

Our Gold Server remote management plan offers high level of remote system administration, system and daemon monitoring, quick pro-active updates, penetration tests, and other features.

We will tune OS, network stack and all applications to perform the very best.

All control panels supported, including non-control panel servers as well.

  • 24/7 monitoring (1 minute intervals - includes ping, http, smtp, dns, pop3, imap)
  • Pro-active software upgrades/updates
  • Pro-active OS upgrades/updates
  • Pro-active Control Panel upgrades/updates
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • File directory and device hardening
  • Logfile scanning and reporting software set-up
  • Various binary file execution lockdown
  • Removing software/daemons/services that are not needed
  • "Rootkit check" software installation and configuration
  • Server backup (before doing any work on the system)
  • DDOS and SYN flood protection setup
  • System and network stack hardening/optimization
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitoring) setup/configuration
  • IDS setup/configuration
  • Socket monitoring/reporting software set-up
  • Linux environment security
  • Pro-active NMAP and NESSUS scanning
  • System time synchronization setup/configuration
  • SSH server and access securing and configuration
  • Mod_dosevasive setup and configuration (limits do apply)
  • Mod_security setup and configuration
  • Disabling of dangerous PHP functions
  • Custom daemon/service installation/set-up
  • Server reboots when required (via remote power on/off switches)
  • Performance tuning of applications (apache, mysql, network stack, file system)
  • Private DNS server registration and configuration ($10 domain name registration fee. Requires two IPs. Upon request)
  • Apache server header re-configuration
  • User management on the system
  • Pro-active Penetration Tests
  • Install any server-needed 3rd Party Software Upon Request
  • SMS emergency support

$170/month, $100/set-up

To order, please contact us.

Multiple server discounts apply (up to 30%). Limited slots available - first come, first served.