Server management :: Silver manegement plan

Our Silver remote server management plan offers medium level of remote system administration, system and daemon monitoring, quick pro-active updates, penetration tests, and other features. Our system administrators will take care of your system management and provide server management support in case you require.

Silver plan includes full OS and daemon tuning & optimization as required. We work hard to determine the best network stack, Linux OS and daemon settings to use the server hardware the best!

Cpanel, Ensim, Plesk, DirectAdmin, H-Sphere, and Webmin are supported. Non-control panel servers are fully supported!

  • 24/7 monitoring (5 minute intervals - includes ping, http, smtp, dns, pop3, imap)
  • Pro-active software upgrades/updates
  • Pro-active OS upgrades/updates
  • Pro-active Control Panel upgrades/updates
  • Firewall installation and configuration
  • File directory and device hardening
  • Logfile scanning and report software set-up
  • Various binary file execution lockdown
  • Removing software/daemons/services that are not needed
  • "Rootkit check" software installation and configuration
  • Server initial backup (before doing any work on the system)
  • DDOS and SYN flood protection setup
  • System and network stack hardening/optimization
  • SIM (System Integrity Monitoring) setup/configuration
  • IDS setup/configuration
  • Socket monitoring/reporting software set-up
  • Linux environment security
  • Pro-active NMAP and NESSUS scanning
  • System time synchronization setup/configuration
  • SSH server and access securing and configuration
  • Mod_dosevasive setup and configuration (limits do apply)
  • Mod_security setup and configuration
  • Disabling of dangerous PHP functions
  • Install any server-needed 3rd Party Software Upon Request
  • Emergency SMS support

$100/month, $100/set-up

To order, please contact us.

Multiple server discounts apply (up to 30%). Limited slots available - first come, first served.