Fully managed services

We offer different managed services and custom solutions for all your Linux service needs. We employ hard working and very experienced staff - we stand behind our service quality and offer the very best.

Server Management
Linux server remote administration and full management services, including server monitoring and security patching.

Blog managed hosting
Fully managed blog hosting plans, including our own Wordpress cluster technology. We also offer our state-of-the-art dedicated environment Wordpress multi-level architecture based on LinuxAdmin cLuster service - a must for very high load and bandwidth intensive blogs.

Server monitoring
Our custom monitoring system and Nagios boxes monitoring service 24/7 for your web site and servers.

DDOS protected hosting
Fully Ddos protected web site hosting including shared accounts and dedicated servers. Very low pricing compared to our competition that charge thousands for shared Ddos protected hosting. We do also offer fully managed dedicated servers with ddos protection of up to hundreds of megabits without nullrouting.

DDOS attack mitigation
A must for web sites that are getting attacked and flooded.

Managed Darwin streaming servers
Upload your content to the server - we do all the rest.

High bandwidth servers
We offer 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1000Mbps high bandwidth servers for sites that require high bandwidth, but prefer to cut down expenses.

High bandwidth Flash (FLV) streaming service
We will fully manage dedicated servers for streaming Flash audios and videos. Multiple locations for dedicated servers are offered.

Windows Media Network Services
Fully managed dedicated boxes for Windows audio and video streaming.

Static content delivery for blogs, web sites and on-line portals
Offload your content delivery to our Content Delivery Network with nodes in USA and Europe. As low as $0.20 for 1 GB of actual data transfer.

Outgoing SMTP servers for ISP's and companies
Postfix powered dedicated servers with full antivirus and spam control with scalability of up to hundreds of SMTP nodes.

Incoming (MX) mail servers
Email services for large ISP's and medium to large corporations powered by cluster technology and load balancing. Includes full antivirus, spam protection, bounce email protection with scalability to thousands of nodes. Includes geo load balancing with nodes around the world.

Memcached caching and performance
Existing, new applicaton and service performance tuning using memcached memory based caching system.

Managed Primary and Secondary DNS servers
Mission critical DNS server solution set-up, configuration and full management.

Custom Linux Internet service tuning
Our experienced tech gurus will tune your HTTP, Mail, DNS or database servers for better performance and stability.